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We at My Hero Card hope the information on this page will answer most, if not all of your questions regarding our program. Feel free to give us a call at 706-955-0436 to answer any questions not addressed below. How do I purchase a Hero Card?  You may purchase online at  If you are unable to complete the transaction online call us at 706-955-0436 to process your purchase for you. What type of benefits are available with the Membership?  For a complete list  of member benefits and details visit  Most locally owned businesses allow a 20 to 25% savings to be deducted from your check.  Some offer Buy One Get One Free or Buy One Get Second Half Price.  Some offer a specific $ discount at purchase.  Some offer combinations of these offers. Some businesses limit the dollar amount of discount per visit. To view specific benefit details for any offer please click or touch the logo of any benefit provider displayed on the benefit pages. Sample - How often can I use My Hero Card?  Members can use their card to redeem the benefits based on the specific offer made by the Hero Business. Most benefit providers allow for an unlimited number of usages for the entire membership period!  There is no limit on the number of times per day the card can be used provided it is used at different benefit provider locations.  Hero Card Inc. does not limit your daily usage in any way unless specifically requested by the benefit provider or limited by the specific benefit offer.  A few benefit provider may limit usage to a certain number of times per month or year.  Please refer to the specific offers made on the Deals and Offers page for any usage limitation. How do I use my Hero Card?  Simplicity is one of the great benefits of the Hero Card.  Just present to your attendant, waiter, waitress, cashier or other benefit provider representative.  Hero Card and we do all the rest.  Behind the scene our proprietary benefit usage and tracking software system works as the gatekeeper for all the eligible benefits provided through My Hero Card.   The attendant will then scan your card for benefit availability at that location. Once the scanning process is completed  and you are approved, the attendant will return your card to you and you will receive the expected savings. What is the standard membership period?  12 Months is the standard membership period.  We have the flexibility to offer special programs with durations different from the standard 12 months. When will my Hero Card expire?  Your membership will expire on the last day of the month and year embossed or printed on the lower right of your card. How much does an annual Membership cost?  The standard 12 month membership is $99 for new members and previous members that have allowed their memberships to lapse. Special renewal pricing is currently available to Hero Card members with a valid, active membership (see renewal info below).  From time to time we may offer special pricing. Renewal - Process and Pricing?  To be deemed a current, active member and eligible for special renewal pricing you must renew your membership no later than the last day of the month indicated on your card.  As has been our practice, we will continue to offer members in good standing the opportunity to renew their annual membership for $49.  Members will be provided a $50 renewal discount code via email to to be used when renewing online.  Call or email us if you do not receive your code.  This is our current renewal pricing policy and may be subject to change. Do you offer special Hero Card pricing for groups?  Yes. Call 706-955-0436 or 706-267-8813 for special pricing for large groups or businesses. What forms of payment do you accept?  We accept Debit and Credit Cards.  Mastercard, Visa, American Express and Discover. We generally do not accept cash. However, special arrangements can be made for cash payment and pick-up by calling 706-955-0436 How does an individual receive a Gold Lifetime Hero Card.  Individuals may receive a "Gold Lifetime Membership" in one of the following ways:  1) Veterans of Us Military Service with combat related disabilities from any conflict present or past.  2) Individuals may receive a gold card for a "designation of accomplishment" with local law enforcement or fire and rescue.  3) We may choose to honor individuals in the local community that make our program possible.  4) Lastly, longtime members may be provided the opportunity to purchase a Lifetime Gold Hero Card for $500 to honor their support. How long will it take to receive my Hero Card?  We provide same day processing and mailing on orders received by 2pm each day.  In most cases these orders will be mailed and delivered within 2 business days.  On occasion orders may increase significantly and delivery time may take up to 5 business days. As a convenience, we have a pickup location available to provide same day pickup of your order if required.  Please call 706-955-0436 to make arrangements for pickup.  Our Pickup locations is: Qwik Pack & Ship339 Furys Ferry Rd, Suite 3,  706-447-4051 Phone: 706-955-0436 Email: Print Frequently Asked Questions

Recent Additions!